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HX750W Problem


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Hello there,


In order to upgrade my grafic card, I bought a Corsair HX750W PSU. My other PSU is a 400W generic unit.


When I connect the PSU to my MB, and power on my system, PSU start, and the system is powered, but it's like it enters in a surge protection cycle that last until I switch the PSU off.


Symptoms are : Blinking power led on the case, sound of fan starting and stopping from the CPU cooler and or case fan, possibly also the old GC.


The mainbord(HP pavillion one) is working fine with old PSU. Original PSU was connected to the MB trough a 24pin connector, plus a 4 pin one, So I merged the 20+4 connector, and connected only one half of the 2x4 connector(tried both). The problem occurs even if I only connect the 24pin connector. I didn't try to connect only 20 pin connector, not knowing if it could damage something.


Is the PSU at fault? should I do something I didn't? I'd like to keep my case/mobo, and I haven't any other mobo at hand to test the PSU.


If anyone has an idea before I open a support inquiry?

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You need the 20+4-pin connector AND the 4-pin connector (aka P4 connector) plugged into the motherboard for it to work. You cannot interchange the two different 4-pin connectors (example: do not swap the P4 connector with the +4 connector and vice-versa). The two are not the same.
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Update :


So I brought my PSU at work, and plugged it in a PC that was lying around. And everything runs smoothly!!!!!!! The PSU just powers the damn thing silently and without a hiccup, as expected from a Corsair part. Now I'm glad I didn't fill a RMA too soon because it'd just be a waste of my time and theirs to shuffle around a perfectly working unit.


Still, I'm stuck with my problem and have not the slightest idea what might cause it.


Is HP known to fit their Pavilion desktops with non-standards PSU and MB ??? I can't believe they strayed from standard just for the sake of it. The connector cables colors match 1:1, and I didn't make any mistake while plugging the stuff.


How can I rule out the case power on switch?

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