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Maybe a corsair tech can help me with my broken HX1000


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I purchased a HX1000 on 1/8/2009 and while putting my system together a screw fell into my PSU. I panicked and removed the warranty sticker so I could remove the screw. I know I should have called tech support but I didn't. Afterwards it didn't bother me much because of all the good reviews I read and though since this a good PSU it will atleast get a year or more before something bad happens. My luck it flopped on me in some time in July. The problem was while in my OS my PC started to beep with a long beep that wouldn't stop. I turned off the PC and turned it back on it posted but a few seconds after the post the beep happened again. I tried a spare 1000w psu I had that came with case awhile back it booted into the OS just fine. Took it to the Mom & Pop PC shop to test it and the employee said it wasn't putting out enough juice. So I put it back in the box and sat it in the closest. I figured since I voided the warranty corsair couldn't help me so I didn't bother to call. Since joining the forum and reading posts I'm seeing how good Corsair support is and they will try to help the best they can, just like my favorite mobo/gpu company. I decided to post this and see how they can help. I was wondering if I can pay to get it refurbished or how I can properly dispose of it or anything else.


Thanks in advance.

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