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New HX850W making clicking noise on shutdown (fan)

Damn Dirty Ape

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Brand new HX850, and when powering off the last 2 seconds or so you can hear a noise from the fan not unlike a stick on a picket fence being dragged along. It's not really loud, but I have tried getting a replacement from the vendor and it still persists.


There is nothing touching the fan grille or the like, nothing obstructing.


Just like a 'b-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-' then silence as it stops. I have found it to be the PSU fan by process of elimination. If you have your fingers lightly on the PSU case you can even feel a tiny bit of vibration when this happens.


Really puzzled by this.

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By loosening up the fan screws a little should take care of this noise.




If you are speaking of the 4 that also hold down the fan grille, it's not those screws that are causing a problem by being too tight.


I went ahead and took the 4 out, lifted up the fan grill and spun the fan with my finger and heard the same noise. This is present in 2 of them. No obstructions on the fan.


Any other thoughts?

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