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Possible Power Supply Problem


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I have just recently purchased a Corsair HX850W PSU and within a few days the PSU started to buzz. However, this is not the problem... Just recently some of my games are crashing out when it finishes loading, most of the time it is within a second of getting in game. Screen goes black, monitor goes to standby mode, PC freezes and hard reset is required. There is no blue screen and no minidump or crash log in Event Viewer.


The games I have tried when it crashes are Crysis, Left 4 Dead, and Tom Clancy H.A.W.X. General web browsing and non-intensive tasks are fine. I did however try ATiTool to scan for any artifacts, left the program running for 15 minutes and ATi drivers failed - I have reinstalled the graphics drivers and directx to the latest version - still has problems.


So my impression is either the graphics card is faulty/overheating or the PSU is overloaded and not supplying enough electricity to the system. I am pretty sure motherboard, CPU, RAM and hard drives are fine as these crashes would lead to a blue screen, whereas I am just getting a black screen with no minidump.


Can anyone give me some help/advice to determine which is at fault.


Everything was working fine before I replaced the PSU.


Thanks very much!

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