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Major TX750 Headache


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I'm having some annoying problems coming from either my motherboard, my video card, or my power supply. As I don't know where exactly the problem is, I am asking all three manufacturers about the problem.


The problem I am having is that my computer will not boot. This is probably a pretty common problem, but mine is a little unique. I have a Sapphire video card with ATI 4870 HD GPU and 1 GB of video memory. My power supply is a Corsair 750TX or something like that (750 watts). My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-MA790fxt. My problem is unique in that exactly one week ago, my computer was working fine. I shut it down when I went on vacation last week, and when I came back, it wouldn't boot. I get a continuous series of beeps. I don't know if they would be considered "long" or "short" because they are all the same length. I can even describe the POST in more detail: HDD Busy light blinks twice, System Beep, HDD Busy light blinks twice, pause, HDD Busy light blinks twice, restart cycle. I'm not sure if the computer itself is resetting or not.


We did have a few bad thunderstorms roll through while I was away, and I think the power did get knocked out. I have had a computer get hit by lightning/power surge before, and the fans wouldn't even turn. This one POSTs, and at one point in time I got the displays to light up by ejecting one of my disc drives at exactly the right time, but couldn't get any farther than that. Another reason I don't think a power surge is the problem is that it's connected to a UPS, with battery backup.


Another suggestion might be that the UPS is not working properly. I have tried starting the computer with two different power cords with and without the UPS. I have also tried starting the computer with a completely different video card (PCI rather than PCI x16 2.0), but to no avail. This suggests that the problem might not be with the video card, but I will ask just in case. I have already reset the BIOS, and have done a little bit of testing on the power supply with a multimeter, but nothing seems to be working.


I remember having this problem when I first assembled the computer, and it turned out that I hadn't plugged in one of the power cords to the video card far enough. Again, I also used a cheap video card that does not require power, and it didn't work either.


As you can see, I'm very stuck. I think the problem might be covered under warranty, but I never "registered" or anything, so my warranty may be invalid.


Do you have any suggestions at all?



Mike Naughton

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