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Corsair Flash Drive 64 gig can't format


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I just got this..It was fat 32 and i wanted to keep it that way..so i could use

it on a mac and pc..

after i got it..i put a few programs on it..then when i tryed to delete them.

I got some error about cannot delete from this source..

Then after hours of trying to delete them..i got upset and did the format

in xp..but the format failed and the drive is useless..

Can someone tell me how to format this in fat 32...

I read on the board people are having bad luck formatting this flash drive.


Thank you for reading and maybe someone can give me some help...




Happy news..I did some more reading and found this (thanks to Ram Guy)




click on this picture and take the download and it formatted my 64 gig to fat 32.

So easy so quick..


I will be making some tests by putting some thiings on and removing to make sure it is working ok..

The tranfer rate is slower with larger files...only bad thing...

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I would like Ram Guy to give me the go ahead to get a replacment..

I tryed on a different computor and it freezes it.

Only can put small files on it..can't move any video to without having problems..

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