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PSU size with ASUS Rampage i7 & GTX295


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I would appreciate if someone could confirm that a 650W power supply would be good enough for my new system specs as shown.

The reason I would like confirmation is that I have checked on other Power Supply Calculators and they suggest that I need a much bigger power supply than suggested in the Corsair calculator


From what I see on the CORSAIR calculator a 650W is big enough (but at the bottom end of the scale)

I would have gone for a 750W CORSAIR but my local supplier is out of stock and so I have the choice of 650W or 850W. (the 850W is a lot dearer and I don't want to get it unless I need to.)


I may do a little (but not a lot) of overclocking and I also have a card reader and fan controller on the computer.


Advise on this would be most appreciated.




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Hi ... thank you for your reply.


I went back to the shop who I have purchased the componants from and who are assembling the computer.

They have told me that they have used bigger cpus on the 650W and recommend that I stay with the 650W. I realise that you guys are the experts but don't know how far to push it with the shop.


In view of the fact that your PSU calculator shows the 650W adequate for use with moderate overclocking with my system, can you put my mind at rest that I am OK to stick with the 650W or should I insist that the shop use a larger power supply.

(I would have gone for a 750W but, as they have none in stock, I will have to go for an 850W which seems an overkill)



If it is not adequate then should the 620W and the 650W be a left in your PSU calulator recommendation for my i7/GTX295 system overclocked.

What are the consequences of the power supply being too small?


It may have no relevance for different PSU types but I noted that the handbook for the Gigabyte GTX295 card states "minimum 680W (46A on 12V rail) power supply..."





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  • Corsair Employees

Our 650w is adequate for use with moderate overclocking with your system.


Not to scare you away but just to answer your question :): , if the PSU is inadequate, then you probably will see lockups, BSODs, restarts, or even cause damages to the PSU when the PSU is over stressed.

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