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Folder suddenly empty - then shows as file?


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Hi there, I have a 4GB Corsair Voyager Flash Drive which I have used for about a year with no troubles. I never remove the drive while it is writing, etc.


This morning a folder I have containing some images abruptly showed up as empty. This folder contains a large number of pictures, and some sub-folders with images as well.


Viewing the properties of the USB drive, it shows that the data must still be there (the right amount of space vesus empty space shows) but the folder insisted it was empty.


I tried removing and putting the drive back in, and I also drive right-clicking the drive to do a quick disk repair.


End result: This folder now doesn't show up AS a folder, it displays as a 'file' in properties.


I figure I might just have to call it a lost cause but figured it couldn't hurt to ask here. Is there some way to fix this, or recover those files?

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We can replace the drive for you, however we do not offer any type of data recovery software or services. If the data is important then you may want to review the article here: http://www.corsair.com/_appnotes/AN803_CommonIssues_HelpfulTips_DLoss_DCorruption.pdf. for some data recovery advise. You may also want to check out websites such as http://www.download.com and http://www.softpedia.com and search for "USB Data Recovery," to see if you can find some freeware/shareware that may help you recover the data. If all else fails then you may need to contact a local data recovery service center to find out if the data is recoverable.
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