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Genuine or fake Voyager?

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I have just received the Flash Voyager 64GB that I successfully bid for on eBay.


Although all seems to be well so far, I see on the Tech Support Express page under 'Troubleshooting Tips for USB Flash Voyager'


"NOTICE: Warning about counterfeit Corsair drives


We have recently seen some number of counterfeit Corsair drives available in the market, usually from unauthorized sellers or third party sites such as EBay."


Is there any way to tell if the drive is a genuine Corsair?




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After posting, I found the following thread on the 'Jack Flash' Forum:




including this post from Hotrod:

I bought a 64gb from Deals Direct too. It is definitely a fake:

- It's only about 7cm long

- No light comes on when inserted

- No manufacturer ID recorded in properties

- doesnt come with either a lanyard or a chain that connects the lid to the unit

- DOA and will not format in XP. Will format in Vista

- No manufacturer ID in Control Panel - Device Manager

- Doesn't come up as a Corsair USB stick when you plug it in

- packed vertically in what appears to be a sealed pack, rather than horizontally like genuine sticks

- Tested with H2testw v1.4 software that tests USB sticks - it suggests this is a 4gb stick that has been hacked to appear to be 64gb

- if you copy 64gb of files to it, nearly all of them are corrupted when you try to read them. This is indicative of a fake

- lid design is not like it is on originals (eg. Nothing can be attached to the lid)

- no writing/numbers on the metal connector

Though I'm in London and have had nothing to do with Deals Direct, this and the information in later postings makes it clear to me that my drive is a fake.



Thanks anyway.

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