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Y-Splitter PCI-E Cables for HX620W


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Was told that these exist and I had put in a request through e-mail to get some sent out to me since I need 'em to power my GTX 260's in SLI. (PCI-E PSU connector on one end and a Y-split for 2 PCI-E video card connectors on the other)


Would definitely help neaten things out cable-wise in my case (isn't that the whole point of a modular PSU?).


Anyhow... I never received them... tried calling the number provided in the sticky.


First time, got a hold of someone and they said the person who is in charge of the requests was out, they took my information down and the cables I was asking for and said I'd receive a call back in an hour or two (no callback received).


Second time, I got the answering machine and left my information as well as e-mail that I used to request before calling at all.


Never heard back either and it's been over a week later and nothing in the mail...


Do I just call again? Make another request through e-mail? Wouldn't want to have you guys ship me out 2 packages of the same stuff...



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