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Intermittent no POST with Asus P5K WS + TWIN2X2048-8500C5D


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I have intermittent no POST with my TWIN2X2048-8500C5D running at 1066 in my Asus P5K WS. There seems to be a range of problem stories about this combination. The system will run fine for a while, then the OS will start displaying weird corruption (I use Solaris 10 and ZFS - and the Z-Raid pools become corrupted).


Once in this state, after a cold-reboot, the Mobo will not POST.


The only way I can get the Mobo to POST is to put some generic brand 800 MHz memory in - then set the BIOS to force it to 800MHz - then switch in the Corsair matched pair instead. Any ideas on how to proceed? This machine is too critical to have this sort of instability. I had a replacement P5K WS last year when this last happened - but it didn't resolve the issue - I just get to the stage that once the machine is booted - I daren't turn it off!


Is there any way to make this memory behave as if it's 800HMz? Should I simply buy some slower memory and bin the 1066 sticks?


I'm pretty sick of this ASUS board to be honest.


Many thanks for any advice.



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These modules SPD is set to DDR800 by default so they will post one every MB, if you are getting this problem I would suggest test them one module at a time to see if you can isolate this to one of the modules.
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