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bad stick?

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I have 4 sticks of CM2X1024-8500C5D


3 of them work perfectly fine, but I get a "C1" error from my EVGA 680i motherboard when I install a specific stick.


tried swapping it around to different slots, but I always get the error when I put in that specific stick.


BIOS are updated to latest version.


I'm running out of ideas. please help!

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I don't have another mobo to test the RAM on.


I ran memtest on the 3 working modules and found no errors.


the computer will not boot up at all when the 'bad stick' is installed. even when it's the only RAM module installed.

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I got the new sticks of RAM today and I received no errors while installing. thanks to theramguy and corsair for timely customer support!


one hiccup though...


system properties reports that I only have 2.75gb of RAM when I have 1024mb x4 installed. however, the nvidia control panel shows that all the DIMM slots are filled with 1024mb modules. issue with the OS maybe?

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