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Asus P5Q Pro - Need Memory that will last


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I have had several Asus P5KC computers burn up both Corsair & Crucial memory over several months time. No overclocking, just taking default settings. Always buying what the configurator shows as compatible (typically 8500).


I now have a P5Q Pro with the same issue, but did update BIOS and apparently there are some memory fixes. But my old Crucial memory is now bad.


This is a 3 month old PC with Corsair 550w power supply, so should be good power (on UPS also).


I would like to get a 4GB kit (2x2gb) of RAM that will perform well for this board and last long, if possible.


Can you recommend what to buy and tell me if I have to manually input voltage or any other settings in the P5Q Pro BIOS setup?



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