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Advanced values requested for TWIN3X2048-1800C7DF


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Set to Auto. Then use Memset to find the Auto values that are set and you can then tweak from there.


There are no hard and fast timings for those settings.

Download Everest Trial Version from here -->

Install Everest and right click on the (i) icon in the system tray. Choose Tools --> Cache and Memory Benchmark. Run the Benchmark. Then Use Memset to find values that work and run the benchmark again. Document the changes and restart if your system locks up at a setting that is not workable.

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Thank you for the reply.


I have a water cooled setup, QX9650 CPU, EVGA GTX280 HC, EVGA 790i ULTRA, with the aforementioned memory.


When testing the memory with your suggested program, should the CPU/Video/FSB be at its base timings (no over-clock), a little over-clock, or max over-clock?


You input is appreciated.

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Leave your GPU at stock while determining maximum CPU and/or memory OC as you need to eliminate other variables. You don't want an unstable GPU OC to be interfering while you find your max OC on memory or CPU.


Also, you are trying to OC the CPU or the memory to their maximums, you may want to run your 790i in UNLINKED mode.

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