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New 16GB Flash Voyager


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Ok reading all the posts in regards to this new drive I just got.


Did the format (x:) /fs:fat32 /u

Downloaded hdbench 340b6


ran on drive got these numbers.


Read =19501

Write =4628

RandomRead =20475

RandomWrite =2245


Seems Slow to me.

I tried to copy about 8 Gig of FLAC files onto the drive and it took over 40 minutes.. This seems awfully slow to me.


Is this typical of these 16 gig Voyagers or if it needs RMAing will the one I get back be better.


The posts I am reading says I should be getting more like this

16GB NON-GT average sequential write speed is 7.8 MB/S and

average read speed is 29.9 MB/S

If I am reading the hd bench numbers it seems to be telling me

average sequential write speed of 4.6 MB/S and

average read speed of 19.5 MB/S

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