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HX1000, 5v low?

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I bought the HX1000 for future SLI/Quad CPU etc, but currently only running a 45nm E8400@4GHz and single GTX260.


5v shows 4.95v idle, during load (Prime95 or gaming) it drops to 4.92v. All reviews show +5v during load.....


With my former Cooltek 600W I got better or at worst same values, only thing changed is the PSU. Only hardwired cables are attached (+ ofcourse 1x SATA and 1x Molex modular cables for fans)


5vsb stays above 5v, 12V also 12.18v (quick Prime95 test)


The mobo P35 DS3R r1.0 has been vdroop modded


2x750GB HDD


4x120mm *

1x100mm *



* two of the fans have zalman fan mate / resistor for lower speed


EDIT /// (I'll try adding another Molex, as one alone is powering 4 fans + 2 DVD RW's)

EDIT /// no change, constant 4.92v during Prime95. +3.3v constant 3.31v idle and load

BTW: I have NO issues with the rig, all works fine, as it did with the former Cooltek 600W

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The spec for the 5v rail is that the voltage has to remain within 5%, which would be 4.75-5.25v. The readings that you are going to get within Windows or even in the BIOS are rarely accurate and can be off by quite a bit. I would not suspect that you would have any PSU related problems.
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An hour ago I took the GTX260 out of the case for cleaning the fan. To get it out I had to loosen one 100mm fan cable (with zalman resistor to keep it @ <1200rpm vs 1500rpm), and now when all is put back, I notice 4.97v (4.95v old) on the rail at idle, and 4.95v (4.92v old) at Prime95 In-place Large load :D


I'll reboot with both resistors off, perhaps I see perfect volts :D


EDIT ///


test 2: removed both fans that were attached to mobo's 3 and 4pin using resistors:

4.95v idle and load


test 3: put back both fan cables (incl the resistors): 4.95v idle and load


Good enough for me, maybe I'll reseat the gpu + fan to get 4.97 and 4.95v I had before lol

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