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HX1000 & 3 step sine wave UPS


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There is a lot of misinformation out there in regard to true sine vs. simulated sine wave UPS and how they behave with PFC active/passive PSUs. The only solid thing I've gathered from reading up on the subject is that when you're dealing with anything but a pure sine wave the PSU efficiency will drop. I'm ok with that since I plan to only use the battery to shut down my system.


That being said I'm hoping the tech guys at Corsair can step up and give me a thumbs up or down on my question.


Question: Assuming I'm using a HX1000 and a 3 step sine wave UPS (we're not talking about a pure square wave UPS which I would never use) do I run the risk of damaging the PSU when it's powered via the UPS battery (3 step sine wave)?



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