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vx550 is this normal


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hi all, Ive had this psu for little over a year now, Ive had no problems with it, except for this odd problem, i had this psu in my old computer


754 socket amd k8u-x

amd athlon 3200 claw hammer 130nm, 2.0ghz 89watts

sapphire 1950pro agp 512mb which requires 2 molex at 30amps 12 rail

1 samsung dvd burner

wd 80gb ide hardrive

2gb kit of pc3200 patriot ram

sb live 5.1 dolby

pci 5 in 1 usb card

all was fine but i barely heard the psu fan


now with my recent system while playing a game, i can hear the psu spin up slowly, the longer i play the louder my the fan on the psu makes, after playing a game, and when go back to the desktop the psu fan starts to spin down slowly, then its quiet agian is this normal, just odd cause it never did it before in my older rig

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The PSU fan should spin up when the PSU is under load, I wouldn't suspect that there is anything wrong. It's possible that your newer system is using more power than your older system, and thats why you didn't notice the fan spinning up previously.
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