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Cant boot into Windows DELL XPS 630


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Hi, I have a dell XPS 630 which uses an Nvidia 650i chipset.



I had bought these modules, TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX for a previous system but upgraded to this rig. I can't boot into windows from either hard disk or optical drive when both modules are in the computer. I just get a BSOD.


I can boot into windows however from a single module being placed into the computer.


I can also boot with the ram that came with my computer as well.


I ran memtest and it passed 10 tests before I stopped it with both modules in the computer. Yet it still wont boot when I have both in there.


Any suggestions? I'm also looking to complete my system with 8gb of this memory, but if it is incompatible with my setup I will buy a different module/style/ w/e. Please help!

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