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ASUS Rampage Formula with TWIN2X2048-8500C5D CPUz problem?


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I have recently built a new system(running Vista ultimate x64 bit). But have had some troubles getting it stable at stock settings? My specs are in my sig. If anyone could suggest anything, i will be extremely grateful.


After installing parts/drivers/updates i ran Prime95 and OCCT testing for stability. To my surprise they both failed at stock settings (also super pi mod will not complete a 32M cycle). I have had my suspicions it may be the RAM (corsair dominator C5D 2x2GB) because CPU-Z was showing extremely weird values.


Here are the values i saw from several restarts of my computer (it

seems to be random):


NOTE the missing max bandwidth in slot 3 and the added serial number in slot 1,

as well as the missing JEDEC#2 in slot 3




NOTE the size difference again as well as the timing table being totally

different in slot 3




NOTE the slot 3 stick size! Also the part number of slot 1



NOTE the manufacturer, part numbers an timing tables (slot 1 showing weird





Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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Well, the part number was showing as 850C5D instead of 8500C5D a lot! i just haven't included a screenie of it. Also i cannot run super pi mod at 32M and OCCT and Prime both fail at stock. I am now leaning towards a motherboard issue.. Thanks for your help.
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