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yeah 2 years later and still the same problem.


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yeah 2 years later and still the same problem.


I'm trying to research this and stumbled upon this thread by accident and I see that no one posted in a long time.


Let me know if you have fixed this issue and the cause because I'm on my second pair of almost the same ram except c3 3-4-3-9 2T, and I'm noticing that these are going also.


My mobo is striker extreme and I see in PC probe 2 that memvolt is over 2.4 so I lowered to 2.325 to let it read out 2.38 on pc probe but am still skepticall


I'm getting frustrated with ram guy because all he says is latest bios and drivers or rma the ram but on mobo forums people warn against newest drivers.


Help, drowning in incompetency!!!!!!

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