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TWIN3X2048-1333C9 + P5E3 Deluxe WiFi + E8400 @ 4GHz


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This is my first post in this forum =]


I've been reading for a couple of weeks about overclocking my brand new P5E3 Dlx + E8400 + TWIN3X2048-1333C9 + HD4850.



I based my self on this article: http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets...spx?i=3156&p=4


But yet I'm not able to get what I want.


My system is air cooled by a IceAge 120 http://www.frostytech.com/articlevie...articleID=2141

with forced intake and outake from chassis with 2 cooler master http://www.coolermaster.com/products...detail&id=4355

Temps idle, stock, CPU Core1 23ºC, CPU Core2 25°C, MB 23°C

[really low :): ]


So, I was able to get 3.6GHz, only increasing FSB to 400. Run Everest and Prime95 for an hour, all stable.




Settings changed:

FSB Strap - 400MHz

FSB - 400MHz

DRAM - 1200MHz


Ai Booster [really don't remember]

Neither if it was at 1N or 2N


All the rest was auto, even voltages. [i tried raising NB to 1.45 and VCore to 1.35, DRAM to 1.7, and it was ok.. than I set it back to AUTO and it ran ok too]


Temps were OK, on full load didn't get over 40°C.


I got even 3.9... but my system was a little bit weird, chunking some times. It was not stable.. Those timings were very wrong...




But, what I want is to get 4.00GHz... it seems I can't find the correct settings between FSB/strap x RAM x NB timing

Is there an option to unlink RAM - FSB ?

Or an option to set tRD?


How can I achieve stable 4GHz?

I was able to go 4.01GHz [FSB 400 / FSBstrap 444 / DRAM 1066]

But it failed Prime95 from start.


I'd really apreciate if you could give some hints to get this machine flying.


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After reading some more about Intel's E8400 I decided to go another way... I'll be a little more kindfull with my processor... setting it to 3.6GHz only.


My setting now are:

FSB - 400MHz

Strap -400MHz

VCore - Auto [1.256]

RAM - 1200MHz


but my modules are 1333... how can I set my memory clock to 1333?


Or, can I overclock this modules to work at 1600MHz? I tried to set it o 1600MHz, with the maximum voltage of 1.8... but it didn't load.


How much overcloking this modules can achieve? The maximum voltage would be 1.9v right?

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