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TX650W Cable Length


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It's upgrade time again but I have a question regarding the TX650W.


The case I have (Antec Nine Hundred) is designed to have the PSU at the bottom of the case. This is alright but some motherboards require a 4-pin ATX as well as the standard 24-pin ATX power connector, and this is normally near the top of the motherboard. However with the PSU at the bottom sometimes the cable isn't physically long enough the reach that far.


So my question is will the power connectors on the TX650W be long enough to reach the top of the motherboard? The mobo I was looking at for it to be compatible with is the Asus P5K Intel P35.


Thanks for any help in advance.

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To the OP:


I've got a CoolerMaster 590 with a tx650 at the bottom and a P5q Deluxe motherboard.


I think the cm 590 and the antec 900 have similiar dimensions. Your P5k motherboard (I'm assuming you mean the base model http://www.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=3&l2=11&l3=534&l4=0&model=1637&modelmenu=1) has similiar psu and main power connectors as mine.


The cpu connector on the tx650 did reach, but I bought an 8pin extender so I could run the cpu connector behind the motherboard tray and in through the top. Even using my indirect path, the cable was only a couple inches short.


The 24 pin will be more than long enough.


Here's an 8 Pin extension - haven't found a 4 pin



Note that these extenders typically do not allow an option to connect only 4 pins like the Corsair connectors, unless you took a knife to the extender's connector on the motherboard side :~).


Considering my experience, I really think the cable will reach without an extender, but you'll have to use a very direct path from the psu, maybe by running the cpu cable right under your motherboard, maybe along the rear-port side of the motherboard.


Hope that helps.

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Everything arrived today.


And to confirm, yes the cable is by far long enough with a bit of slack left over too!


Very impressed with the TX650W, by far the best PSU I've bought in a long time.


Glad to hear everything worked out!

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