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Process for testing PSU with multimeter


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I currently have a TX750 running my EVGA GTX280 video card. I have been having crashes to black screens while playing games. Certain games it is intermittent (World of Warcraft), others it happens every time (Company of Heroes). I am currently in the processes of RMAing my video card to EVGA after conversing with their tech support. They did say that it could be a power supply related issue as well so I wanted to test mine as I have a digital multimeter handy. I looked around the site but did not see instructions or a FAQ describing how to test the PSU. I was just wondering if you could point me in the right direction so I could rule my PSU out of possible causes?

Thank you.

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I just tested off the molex connector while the PC was running per the instructions and I'm showing 12.26 off the 12v and 5.17 off the 5v. Looks like those readings are well withing the range of acceptable.


Definitely, I would suspect the PSU itself is OK. I would be surprised if you have the same issues with the replacement video card.

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