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Intel Little Valley D201GLY2 1GB RAM


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We have built about 30 systems using the Intel Little Valley D201GLY2 and D201GLY2A with 1gb of RAM using part# VS1GB533D2. All parts are purchased through newegg.com. We purchase these parts in quantities of 10. The RAM works perfectly in many of the systems, but we always get about 2 sticks of RAM out of 10 that don't even allow the board to post. We replace the stick with a new one of the same part number and it works. The bad stick is placed into the new Intel Little Falls D945GCLF board and it works perfectly there. Place that same stick into a different D201GLY2 and it does not work. So what are we doing wrong here? Just bad sticks of RAM?


I tried using the "Let the RAM guy recommend..." RAM for this board, but it does not show up in the list.


Can anybody direct me to a part number to purchase that reliably works in these D201GLY2 boards?



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