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zv5000z memory recommendations


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I see a similar question in an older post but it doesn't quite answer my question.


I'm looking at replacing the factory memory with either two VS512SDS333 or one/two VS1GSDS333.


Memtest86+ shows the factory memory running at DDR-319 with a latency 2.5-3-3-7. The latency matches with the above modules. I've never seen DDR-319 before.


Am I better off doing a dual memory replacement or running with just one module? Does is matter? Will the modules run at close to DDR-333 or will they drop all the way down to DDR-266?


Any pointers would be great. The only other relevant detail might be the CPU is AMD64 Athlon 3200 (and the memory timing is separate than the CPU).


Thanks in advance!



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I went with two VS512SDS333 because they were on sale ($20 each) - I couldn't justify spending ~$140 on 3.5 year old laptop when new ones are so cheap. My OS (Suse 10.3) runs with a very low memory footprint (~140MB) so the 1GB of memory is plenty.


The memory works great. Memtest86+ runs clean through all its tests (0 errors) and the memory clocks in at DDR-319, which is the original/factory speed. More importantly, the operating system has not crashed after several days.


The extra tolerance in the latency made the difference. What I learned is check the latency and then buy from a reputable company after you are sure the latency matches. Also, at least for this machine, upgrade all of the memory and not just some.


The following is specific information based on my experience for anyone upgrading memory on the zv5000


The hardware service guide for the zv5000 is accurate but neglects an important detail - removing the strip cover is difficult/hard. At least on my machine, the strip cover was glued near the corners with what appears to be craft glue. So its possible to remove, just work careful at the corners with a flat head screw until you get it to pop on both sides (the manual says that you only need to pop once side which was wrong in my case).


My other recommendation is that you put in new thermal compound between the CPU and heat sink when you are replacing the memory. Also blow the dust out. The 1MB cache CPU runs at 89W which is pretty hot. On this laptop all of the original compound was gone - nothing left except where it didn't matter. This is a breeze compared to removing the strip cover and makes a big difference.


Hope this helps anyone looking at upgrading the memory on this or a similar laptop.

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