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Adding RAM


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I have 2 x 512 Corsair valueselect modules in my PC since 2004

I purchased additional 2 x 512 valueselcts but when I install them the PC would not boot


I tried to combine one old module and one new the pc still would not boot

when I install the new pair by itself the PC boots


I don't understand why I can't combine these two pairs

both pairs are DDR 400 PC 3200 from corsair even the label says VS512MB400 on both pairs


only the lot number and the markings on the chips differs


any suggestions ?

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Try using 1 module to boot the system and enter the bios. Manually set the RAM voltage to 2.6v and disable SPD. Then, set the RAM timings manually to 3,3,3,8. Reboot and see how those settings do with the single module. If all is well, then power off and install the other 3 modules.
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