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750TX not very efficient while turned off


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I recently got me a wattmeter and proceeded to measure my PC. What I found was.. strange. It seems my TX750 is drawing 'lots' of power while apparently doing nothing.


Here are some of the numbers:


Unplugged, unconnected and turned off PSU: 0W (duh!)

Plugged into 230V AC: 13W

PSU switched on: 27W

PSU switched on and connected to the mobo: 29W

PC running, showing BIOS setup: 116W


For comparison I also checked with a random no-name 300W PSU, all other things being equal:


PSU plugged in and connected to the mobo (doesn't have a switch): 9W

PC running, showing BIOS setup: 146W


Which in effect means, the cheap PSU draws 20W less while the PC is turned off, and 30W more while the PC is running. And the TX750 is drawing 13W while its switch is off(!). Which begs the question.. why? And am I the only one?

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Wondering why that might be so I did some research, and for everyone else who may be wondering, at least part of the answer seems to lay of course here:




..but also, and partly contradicting Wikipedia, here:




And the answer to whether I have to pay for those 13/27W the wattmeter is showing when the PSU is doing nothing seems to be... maybe. Perhaps Ram Guy knows a bit more about it..


A switchable power strip seems like a good idea though.

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