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VX450W... many similar issues?


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Hi friends. Greetings from Spain (my apologizes for my bad english). I bought a Corsair VX450w three months ago and I'm having a lot of issues... Randomly, my computer doesn't power up, turn on for a few seconds, but shutdown again, the same problems reported in these posts:






(this last exactly the same mobo)


Too, once when i'm surfing and I clicked a link, the computer shutdowns inmediatly... and i don't know the reason (my system is new, Windows XP installed two minuts ago):


First, i tested my PSU with a Asus A8N-E, AMD X2-3800 and 2x512 Trascend RAM, and i changed three components, and i bought a Gigabyte P35 DS3L, 2x1gb Adata Vitesta Extreme and Intel Core 2 Duo e4500. In both systems I have the same issue, and I would like to know is really have a compatibility issue or is a coincidence. I've seen many posts about this question and i'm not sure about the convenience to replace Corsair for another PSU brand.

Thank you very much.

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Well, my second review about my RMA'd VX450w. After a week in use, i don't have problems of power up or shutdowns. That's ok :o:

About the noise, is a mixed bag. Electrical noise (buzzing) is a bit high, although the fan is really quiet, and i don't have any complaint about this... until this morning that the fan has started doing a clic-clic-clic.... I've tried stop the fan with a pencil, and this sound has stopped, and when the fan began to spin again, the noise dissapeared. I'll take a look it for some days to see if the noise returns. Perhaps i have the same issue than another people and loosening screews of the fan i'll solve this matter, you don't?

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