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Faulty HX520?


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Hi there. I've been having this problem ever since I had this power supply...


It seems to power up my system when the motherboard is in standby. I can open all my optical drives in this state and one of my hard drives start up and also some of my case fans start.


My ASUS board shows a blue/red light when in standby and just red when on.


I recently tried the power supply without hooking up the ATX and the 8pin 12V cables and when I switch the power supply on from the back, the fans start and it powers up my optical drives and a fan.


Now this shouldn't happen right?

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  • Corsair Employee
The PSU should only power on when you have the 24-pin connector plugged into the board, unless you are manually jumping the pins on the connector. When everything plugged in and is powering on, do you get anything on the screen? Any beep codes?
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