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Twinx 1024-3200C2PT One Stick Bad


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Hi . Have a set of Twinx 1024-3200C2PT memory and one of the sticks of memory in the set is bad . With both sticks of memory installed the computer will not boot up or even allow it to go into the bios. I removed one stick and tried to boot again and same problem . I removed that stick of memory and put in the other i took out and now the computer will boot and work fine . I tried the stick that would not work in both memory slots and it would not boot so i believe i have a bad stick . I even reset the bios to default with the good stick in and put the bad stick in and the computer still would not post to the bios. Now the problem is if i send both sticks in for warranty my computer will be down as i have no other memory to put back in it . So if there is anyway for me to keep my computer up and running without having to wait that would be great . Please let me know if i should start and RMA. Thanks for your time!!
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