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HX620W Nightmare :(


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I'm sitting at my desk exhausted and in dismay. The reason for it is my beloved PC is dead, well some parts are dead.


I built my pc roughly a month and a bit ago.

My specs were:





1 20714 512MB BFG 8800GT O/CLOCK2


2 15484 Corsair TwinX 2GB DDR2 8500DOM


1 18558 Clabs XFi Platinum Fatal Champ




1 19488 Intel Q6600 Quadcore CPU G0




1 19597 500G WD SATA2 WD5000AAJS 8MB


I built the PC and it worked like a charm, until disaster struck 2 days ago :(:


It all started when my PC would not power down completely i.e. windows would shut down, as would the hard drive, but the motherboard, cpu fan, and case fans would stay on. The power down buttons on my case would not allow me to switch the PC off either. This was pretty alarming. So I quickly switch the power off by pressing the off switch on the Corsairs PSU. I then left it for a while and then switched on the power via the PSU and wham all of a sudden my PC automatically turned on. This should not have happened as the PC normally does not boot up until the case switch is pressed. I also noticed when I booted to windows that there was no power to one of DVD ROMS. Everything else seemed ok until I went into windows and found to my dismay that my clabs I/O front bay was not working either. I then shut down windows only to find the same problem of the system not completely not powering down.


I then took the dvd rom and creative labs card and tried it on another PC only to find both of them didnt work. These two were connected to a lead comming from the Corsair PSU, which leads me to believe they were blown out :(

I just cant understand how could this have happened as I have a surge protector plug on which the PC is plugged into.


I believe the PSU is definitely faulty as the only way the PC can be booted is by pressing the PSU switch.


Is there any chance this PSU can be replaced?

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  • Corsair Employees

If you would just like to get it replaced, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace it.


There is a strong possibility that the motherboard could be causing the issue. The PSU has 2 modes, "on" and "off." The PSU will not turn on unless it receives a signal from the motherboard telling it to turn on. If possible I would recommend testing the PSU on a different board to make sure that the PSU in fact is faulty. Just plug the 24-pin and the 4/8-pin into the board and press the power button and see if you have the same issues. Or if you have another PSU available, I would test it in your system.

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I believe the PSU may be faulty as the unit is permanently on irrespect of whether it is plugged into the mother board or not.

I guess I would like to have the unit replaced. Will need to send all the cabling and extras back with the unit or is it ok just sending the PSU on its own?


Also can I ask whether I could send my creative I/O front bay back to the creative MA as the PSU I believe has blown it. Will they take it in for repair under warranty as I have not tamperered with it in any way?


Thank you very much for all your help.

I still do want the PSU as all components from corsairs i have used when building PCs for friends have had no problems whatsoever!

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  • Corsair Employees
So with nothing plugged into the PSU, the fan spins when you flip the switch on the back of the unit? If so, then definitely get it replaced! You do not have to send the cables. You would need to contact Creative directly to find out about their RMA options.
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