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12v 8 pin and 4 pin VX450


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have Corsair added a 12v 4 pin connector? it is not mentioned in the manual/box (they only mention the 8/4 pin 12v) but there appears to be what i think is a 12v 4 pin, if someone could clarify this i can install the 450 :confused:

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thanks for your reply


the 8 pin connector seems sealed , i cannot see how you can split it, unlike the 24 pin. What is the 4 pin connector for? (which isnt mentioned in the manual or shown on the box) sorry i am a real newb at installing psu's,


i also found this review http://www.pcper.com/article.php?aid=438&type=expert&pid=3


which seems to suggest that there are 8 and 4 pin connectors (seperate)

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Cheers RAM GUY:biggrin:


Weird that it isn't in the manual though (paranoid)

the manual and other reviews only mention the detachable 8 pin.


It appears that there was an early revision with only the split 8-pin released to certain reviewers. SPCR shows both 4-pin & 8-pin ATX12V connectors.




If your mobo has the 8-pin then you should use it. It adds stability and could help with overclocks.

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