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P5N32E-SLI plus, new ram on the way


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Hey Ram Guy,


I did a recent first time build with the P5n32E-Sli plus. I built with 4 sticks of crucial ballistix PC2-6400 I got at a good price. It was always my intention to buy the QUAD2X4096-8500C5DF for somthing more permanent after the initial build finances stabilized. Well its ordered and on its way now - I like to jump first, then look down to see how far the drop is. I assumed when ordering it that it wouldn't take much to run 1066 out of the box. But the more I read, I find it runs at 800, but states 1066. Now I'm questioning my order. I have a quad qx6850 running at 3.33. Is there a pre-set listing of the bios settings I will need to change to acheive 1066? Can you help me out or should I just request the RMA now and forgo a headache? Thanks for any info you can give me.

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