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Random Shutoffs, again.

Pollo Jack

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I have a CMPSU-550VX ATX12V V2.2 550W.


I already RMAd once to get a new PSU. My old one, same as my current one, had a slow death, it would work for a week then random shutoff. Then it would work for a few days and shutoff. Finnaly it wouldn't do anything but get the fans to spin light up and shutoff.


I did the "paperclip test," and yeah with nothing else putting load on the PSU it couldn't keep the fans going.


I am mostly concerned that its something I have done. I don't have to RMA often, and certiantly not twice in a row. I have plugged everything up as close to the manuals as possible, which has worked for my previous five builds, but this one seems to be different.


I run the computer nonstop. I may turn it off for a few minutes once a week to give it a rest, otherwise its on.


My old PSU shutoff randomly on non-demanding (Bitcomet, Internet Explorer)as well as demanding (TF2, Medieval 2) programs. My current one, well its just took a step in the path of its predicessor by running fine for a few days then shuting off. The aplication it shutoff on was Dark Age of Camelot, was dual boxing, but DAoC isn't very demanding I can run both at the same time, with bitcomet unlimited download 20 max up (Because Comcast uses sandvine and detect that I use bitcomet so it then sets my max Downlaod to 200 and upload to 40, god I wish they hadn't bought Road Runner), charplan, Internet Explorer, Music, Videos, and even other games (when I just afk and let the pets kickass with buffs). However, I was jsut dual boxing, not even bitcomet was up.


O, and I am concerned the next one I get will do the same. I want to ask newegg if I can upgrade to a better PSU, same anything jsut not that model, but I already RMAed the Mobo and CPU thinking it was one of them. Well the CPU actually was dead, the mobo had a lose NB cooler so I figured jsut to be safe since that bad HS may have fried the NB which was causing the fail to boot.

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My old PSU shutoff randomly on non-demanding (Bitcomet, Internet Explorer)as well as demanding (TF2, Medieval 2) programs.

Since both the old psu and the new one are doing the same thing it sounds like you have dirty power. You may want to invest $100 and purchase a UPS w/ AVR. Otherwise try the psu in a different location/home/business and see what happens.

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I will try a diffrent socket since the buisness computer in the office is doing fine.


I don't doubt there is something wrong with the sockets here and there. New house, its beautiful but I find their electricion was Mr. Husband or an imbesile. One of the guest bedrooms upstairs has a switch to turn on the lights, and a switch next to it that throws the breaker. I suppose there was a fan there at one point in time and instead of leaving it open properly he closed it for a short circuit. Theres also multiple order messups, closest switch is the fan, or turns on the light furthest away. Thankfully, they are all minor things that I just need to get around to fixing.


I guess if you don't hear anything from me after this, problem solved. O, and what exactly is dirty power? Any way I could prevent/fix it?

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