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Asus striker Extreme + Corsair twin2x1048-6400c4 kit can't make it work


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I recently bought a striker extreme MB and xms2 2x1024-6400c4 (2x1g)

updated my bios 1305

intel quad core 2.4 q6600

2x nvidia GTS 640mb sli video card

duel boots winxp pro and vista Ultimate (all 32bit)


I came to the fourm read up to setting and problem etc...:roll:

I come across a few threads said to set the latency @ 4-4-4-12 2.1volts

all other setting set as default

come out of bios run the memtest, it show there are errors and when its done (less than 30s) its just restart the computer by itself.

in vista windows mode its loaded and seem to be fine...

my question running memtest show errors how can I fix that and what is that mean? can it be igrone?

please help

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yes I tested out on set as you mention

over 2 hours no errors


vista loaded ok


but when I log back in to xp there is a error pop up

"0x77e76eb1" referenced momory at "0x00000001" the memory could not be load

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I am thinking maybe adding another pair of same ram to boost to 4gb, would that be a good thing? I know I have read up on 32bit plateform can only read up to 3gb or so...

but would 4gb of ram add a little performance to the system that I got

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