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Memory Died.. Warranty?


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I have 2 sticks of CM2X512-6400C4. Been round and round trying to find out what has been wrong with my system. First the video would not work on boot. Then, if I waited for some time and rebooted the video would come back.. Eventually it wouldn't post at all. So, considering I didn't hear any system error beeps I figured it was my Vid card. Replace that, nothing still. Got an RMA on my MOBO... same problem with new MOBO. Replaced Power supply... still nothing. Even replaced my processor.


Stupid of me not to check the RAM to start with but once I replaced my corsair with some cheap stuff it worked fine.


So here I am. I went on the RMA page of the website and looked for my model of RAM in the pull down menu and it wasn't there. I am wondering if there are any known problems with this RAM. I wasn't even overclocking this system. The RAM just had a slow death. Any ideas as to why?


I am also wondering if this is under warranty, can I obtain some kind of upgrade to better RAM with more capacity and have a rebate due to the failure of my RAM? I would like to have 2 GB in my system and still have slots available to upgrade to 4.



*Further testing found that one stick does work by itself.. the other does not.


Also, I purchased them in a pair. I assume that both will have to go back to obtain another matched pair. Is this correct?


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