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Question About Memory


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i've a asus p5k...

cpu e6850..


i want to install 4 gig ddr2 1066 corsair dominator...


it's going to work a full 1066 perfomance?


o i gona issues?


You will very likely have to drop the bandwidth to 800Mhz and overclock the CPU FSB <--> MCH <--> DRAM stream to achieve stability if you want ~1066Mhz speeds with four DRAM banks populated. I would personally advise a move to 2 X 2048MB of 800Mhz DRAM. Then you can run at the full speed of the DRAM.


I have taken 4GB of 8500C5's to 1066MHz with an overclock but have found that otherwise, issues can often occur. Sometimes they are longer term meaning that you find the system runs the 1066 fine but later on there are motherboard and/or DRAM issues of instability. Sometimes the issues are physical and then the only outcome is RMA.

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