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Need info on 2GB Voyager and Win98SE


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Just got a Voyager Model CMFUSB2.0-2GB from Newegg.com

I NEED this to work in Win98SE. I have one old computer at home I need to get some files from before I can retire it. I have checked a post from 2006 regarding Win9x drivers.




It mentions "Older" and "Newer" drivers for Flash Voyager. Which one do I use?


Will this model work in Win98SE?

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Thanks. That link takes you to usbman.com, from there it takes you to majorgeeks.com for the unofficial win98SE update. From there the link does not work. I believe that website was forced to remove their Win98SE update months ago by Microsoft.

I'll try the driver by itself. Hopefully it'll work.

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