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Looking at the Nautalus 500, question about northbridge


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Hi, I am new to watercooling and I am just looking for something simple to use on my new rig. My Northbridge is particularly warm so if I am going to watercool my cpu then I would also like to watercool my NB at the same time. Can I add a chipset waterblock to this setup? How do you add it, in series or parallel? And advice would be great appreciated (if in parallel do I need to get spitters for the hose?), thanks.


P.S. I don't overclock much so no need to point out that this isn't the best for overclocking.


P.S.S. I saw the list of chipset blocks that are compatible with this cooler in the stick so I see it is possible but how would I go about doing this? Would the CPU block go first or second in series or should I go parallel?



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