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MemTest+86 Ran 8 Passes... Possible Bad Memory?


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Is it possible to have memory still be bad if you run it for eight passes and also OCCT? I'm having random resets since I put new XMS Corsair in the system which did not ever happen with my other RAM, same kind.

I can get it RMA'd, but I am not sure that it's the memory. Can someone PLEASE help me try to figure something out before I send this back since it's coming back ZERO errors after EIGHT PASSES. PLEASE!?!?!

I'm thinking there may be something else I need to change.



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  • Corsair Employees

Probably not the memory if you are not getting errors in memtest.

Can you tell me the exact bios setting you have ste for both CPU and memory and on what test were you getting error in http://www.memtest.org?

And with this MB you have to set the Command Rate to 2T manually and set the TRC to 24-28 as well.

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