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Survivor slow?


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This week I got a 4G Corsair Survivor, blue text version.

Here are the results of some tests I did, the first two with the Corsair

and the second two with another drive that did not specify its speed.

Sorry I did not get the bytes/second for the write speed of the second

drive, but as you can see from the time, it was about 1.5 times the speed

of the Corsair.


I was hoping to put a 3G software system onto flash drives to be distributed,

but at several hours per drive, DVD seems like the only viable alternative.

Any advice on how to do whole drive duplication more effectively, and

how to understand numbers like 32M/s or 120x in product descriptions

given what I am trying to do and the less than 1M/s I am seeing here?



Here is the command I was using on a 2.7Ghz PowerMac G5:


dd of=/dev/disk3s1 if=flash.ufs


Switching the input file and output file of read/write.



Thu Nov 15 03:24:11 EST 2007

7929808+0 records in

7929808+0 records out

4060061696 bytes transferred in 9099.078832 secs (446206 bytes/sec)

Thu Nov 15 05:55:51 EST 2007


Thu Nov 15 12:17:20 EST 2007

4060061696 bytes transferred in 3011.612607 secs (1348135 bytes/sec)

Thu Nov 15 13:07:32 EST 2007


Major brand drive:


Thu Nov 15 17:55:22 EST 2007

7984271+0 records in

7984271+0 records out

4087946752 bytes transferred in 3036.735773 secs (1346165 bytes/sec)

Thu Nov 15 18:45:59 EST 2007


Thu Nov 15 19:11:40 EST 2007

Thu Nov 15 21:00:34 EST 2007

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Thank you for your reply.


To do the test you requested, I cleared some space by copying a 166M

folder out of the drive, the operation took 2 minutes to prepare and about

30 seconds of copying. Deleting 200M also took over 2 minutes, in

several short spurts.


I could not run HD-Bench 3.40b6 using Wine on a MacBook Pro, so will report

that test to you when I can get a PC. However, I am interested in understanding this technology more than servicing this particular drive.


Is it unexpected that a 3G operation would take 3 hours? The dd utility is very low level, so it is not an operating system or file system question, just block sizes and controller hardware. I am glad to learn if I am wrong. You had mentioned in a post I cannot find that the chipset in this drive has been migrated to a less expensive chipset now that you have a high performance option in that line. Am I seeing the result of this, making the 32M read reports no longer applicable, or is this what 32M per seconds looks like on any USB drive in real applications?


If this is from a bad batch, I appreciate the offer of an RMA, but the comparable performance of another brand of a very different form factor

makes me wonder if it is not my misunderstanding of what to expect in this

price range.


Thank you for your patience, and your help in understanding this technology.

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