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2 sticks of CMX1024-3200c2pt BANDWITDH ISSUES!


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I recently purchased a PC from a friend of mine who had Milwaukee PC build him this computer that has 2 sticks of CMX1024-3200C2PT XMS3202 V1.2 052903-2 CL2 that are installed in a ASUS A8N SLI Delux (running in SLI). Upon looking closely I noticed it only shows as 1gb of ram running only as ddr 333 when I run memtest, Sandra, or everest. So, I pulled them out and put in a competitor sticks of 2 gb dual channel and it detects them with no issue with the correct values.


When I run CPUz 1.41 each bank it shows up as dual channel 1024mb which totals 2 gb if you add any othe two banks up. Does not matter if in bank A1&A2, or B1&B2, or A1&B1, or A2&B2, or finally A1 & B2. When the computer boots up it only shows 1gb upon booting up. The final funny thing is that it will not under anything I try boot with anything other than with mem divider 166 with timings of 2,3,3,6, T1 @2.75v. If I loosen the timings not stable. Which makes no sense.


Also, I have tried these two stick in a Foxconn 6150 and the same thing prevails. Is it possible the two stick are not capable of running dual channel? Plus, how come it does not post upon booting showing 2 gb like my other sets?


If I only install 1 stick (either one) it shows up the same amount of ram upon booting up 1gb. Which is the same when I have both stick installed. This problem persist in two motherboards that are two different chip sets.


Open to any thoughts.



OS win XP 32bit, sp2

running in SLI

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