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1GB corsair voyager automatically stopped after few seconds


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i bought 1GB corsair voyager 2 years+ ago. it work fine until last week. i always put it in my pocket, so that i could keep all data always with me. but it was raining, and i get wet totally.


after come back to home, i take out all belongings, and let them dry up under a fan. the next day, i put the corsair voyager to my computer and would like to read some data from it.


it run as normal, and i could read the data, but after several seconds, it stopped by itself. windows xp told me unknown devices attrached to my usb.


i took it out and after 5 minutes, i plugged again, it run as normal, but after few seconds, it stopped again..


i check thought the corsair voyager and found out this. the part between usb header and rubber open a gap if apply some pressure. as shown in pic below. obviously the water got inside, and short circuit it. i put it aside for days, but still the problem resist.

i am very sure, at the first buy, and using for 2 years+, it never open a gap like this.


i went and check with the computer retails shop where i bought this corsair voyager, they told me they only provide 1 year warranty. after 1 year, the customer have to bear to cost to send back to Corsair for RMA. the retail shop would charge me around USD$20 to ship back to corsair. *i am from asian country, Malaysia.


definitely, the RMA cost is more than buying a new corsair voyager GT even..


what would you advise me on this situation...?



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Let's get it replaced, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace it.


i put the corsair voyager blowing under fan yesterday, it is now working.. but since there is a gap between the rubber and usb header, obviously, it will have same problem if it get wet water, because water couldget inside easily.. would corsair do anything or RMA for the gap between rubber and usb header?



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