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Compatibility Issue between RAM, Motherboard and power supply


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I have 2 of the twinx 8500 C5D dominator (4Gb) installed ay the moment, and they are under different revision, v1.2 and v1.3


Before i install the new v1.3 everything seems working properly. I mean, there aren't any problem occurs while i was using the v1.2 (2Gb) After i installed the extra 2Gb (v1.3), my system just can't shut down completely, and i have to press and hold the power button everytime when i wanted to turn off my system. Memory timing is set at 5-5-5-15 2T, voltage 2.2V and other than that, everything is default.


My second problem is the power supply, I am currently using the thermaltake850watt tough power, and I also have the cooler master M1000watt, but when i put the M1000watt into my system( everything was pluged correctly according to the instruction menu) My system just couldn't boot. When i pressed the power button, the fans(cpu fan, GPU fan, case fans, RAM fan) was spinning abt 2 seconds then just went off, i mean stop spining. repress the power button again and again, then the motherboard will come will with a long "beep" sound ( is actually like screaming sound, quite laud) Even when i pulled up 2 sticks of rams( left 2gb v1.2), the problem still occurs. But sometime i can boot into windows, only if i press the power button again and again( have to press it like pressing a door bell like u r rush to see someone that u cant hardly wait to see). Brought back the PSU to reseller thought that was faulty, but tested fine, go home test it again, problems still the same.


So, my questions are... Is this really the different revision thing to cause the problems, or the wrong timing or voltage setting to my system.


sorry if i cause any confusion, any advise will be appreciated.


GA N680i sli DQ6


2x 8800gtx sli

2x raptor 150gb RAID0

4gb 8500 c5d(different revision 1.2 and 1.3)

vista ultimate 64bit

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Thanks for the quick reply RAM guy, I tried to set the voltage to +.5 but it could only set to +.25 maximum for NB/PCI express voltage. Do i need to change the voltage for SB as well? because SB can set the voltage +.5


After keep changing the voltage for DRAM, i found that 2.0v( which is +0.2) for my ram is more stable than 2.2v while my system is running 4gb ram under different revision. So, is there any problem if i keep my DRAM voltage at 2.0v?



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