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Corsair Ram not running at stated 667 speed... compatibility issue?


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I recently set up a system using these components:


Pentium Dual Core E2140:



ASRock Motherboard:



Corsair ValueSelect:



The ram was stated to be at 667MHz, however the system will only start up when running at 533MHz. I even manually set the memory voltage to high and timings to 5-5-5-18... and it still won't run at 667MHz. Is this just defective RAM or is it a compatibility issue?

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Hmm... okay I've discovered that the memory runs at 667MHz when the processor is clocked to 2.2ghz, but not at 2.4 (which I had it running at before). What's the problem, and is it better to have a higher memory speed and lower cpu speed, or higher cpu speed and lower memory speed?
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