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Did I buy the wrong ram!!!!!!!!


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So here's the question, I ran a QX6700 on a striker extreme which I had set to a 13x multiplier and a fsb of 1100. I orderd in the twinx-8888 ram which I was going to run at 1100 4,4,4,12. I've just changed my processor to the QX6850 which has a FSB of 1333 and I will prob have it over 1400 not sure where the multiplier will end up at. do I still run the ram at 1125 4,4,4,12 or do I go to 5,5,5,12 and increase the speed meaning maybe I should have gone for the 10000 ram instead? HELP:confused:
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I think you will find that the timings at 1111 (4-4-4-12) will work fine on this setup. You might also be able to increase the non-linked speed to 1200 and then you would have to raise the timings to reach stability. I do not think that this would be beneficial.


Even at 1111, you are in such a rare atmosphere that your system performance on ram read/writes and latencies will be phenomenal.


I would try:


* AI Tuning: Manual

* FSB Memory Clock mode: Linked

* FSB Memory Ratio: 5:4

* FSB (QDR) MHz: 1415

* CPU Multiplier: 10 (Edit)

* Memory timing: 4-4-4-12-2T

* Spread Spectrum: Disabled

* LDT Frequency: 4x

* Vcore 1.4V

* Memory Voltage: 2.4V

* HT Voltage: 1.45V

* NB Voltage: 1.4V

* SB Voltage: 1.6V

* CPU VTT Voltage: 1.35V


You can then play with the Vcore and other voltages to find stability. You might have to raise your CPU core a bit more. Keep in mind that these voltages are not given in stone. They are an approximation that should allow you to gain boot and begin to tweak/test for stability.

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from the setting you suggest I would be running around 2.8 instead of the stock 3? Am I reading that correctly? I was thinking more like 1500 fsb and a multiplier of 10 pulling around 3.75


My error. The multi was supposed to be 10. What cooling are you running on?


Hey DereKT How are You? Good to see you posting again.


Hi RamGuy,


I'm great, thanks, it's nice to be around the digs again. :biggrin:

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Loop one - CPU 1/2" line, swiftech gtx (bowed baseplate and hardmounted) swiftech 655 1200l/h pump,thermochill PA120.2 with push/pull silenx 72cfm fans.

Loop two - 3/8" line -Mother Board SB(swiftech mcw30),NB(swiftech mcw30),Voltage reg(koolance blocks x2),8800 ultra's (swiftech stealth)SLI,Aqua compter harddrive water bays for rapter 150g Swiftech 655 pump.thermochill PA120.2and PA120.1 (between vid cards)all with push/pull 72cfm fans


each loop has a 500mm XSPC res with 92mm fan drawing across finned exterior lexan enclosure.


Monitored with innovatech fan/temp controller (water flow and in/out temp)

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