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Prob w/CMX1024-3200C2 (XMS3202v3.1)


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I got this matched pair of CMX1024-3200C2 today as replacement for another 2Gb pair I had to RMA.


I put this new pair in the 4CoreDX90-VSTA motherboard I've been using this stuff in, computer won't post. With one module installed the computer will post (well 2 times out of 3 anyway), with corruption immediately visible in the video, even in the BIOS menu.


Flashed the board up to the most current bios, tried standard timing settings, then CL=2.5 and everything else to auto, no change.


The memory I exchanged this for had one module that worked fine in this computer, the other one produced immediate and continuous errors in memtest.


I normally run this computer with a pair of CMX256a-3200C2, they run fine, no problems (though I do have to set command rate to 2T, but I gather that's just how it goes with some boards.)


Are there any specific bios settings I should try with this memory in this board? Might there be some compatibility issue with this board/memory combination? Is this memory damaged?


I can get to another computer tomorrow probably that uses this DDR400 stuff, so I'll try this memory in that one and see how it goes. In the meantime, any advice would be appreciated.

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Ok apparently I've got it going now, so never mind I guess.


There's a bios setting on this board called "flexibility option." Thought I tried that already, but with it enabled suddenly the computer works fine with both modules installed at 2-3-3-6 timings. Ran DocMem for about an hour through 3 cycles no problem. Then I set command rate to 1T and booted up Winows without a blue screen, which this thing never did before.


I suppose it's because this "4CoreDX90" board is not a proper American type board or something. At least you can't normally buy one here anyway. Not that many would want to. So whatever "flexibility option" does, I guess that's good to know, if you have one of these.


Oh well, sorry to bother you guys. Thanks for the new memory.

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