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Gigabyte N680SLI-DQ6(rev2) w/ TWIN2X2048-8500C5D


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Hey Ramguy,


My new system seems to be working ok, but I do have a question about the proper settings in the BIOS for this board. Gigabyte does strange things like making you add voltage rather than setting a specific DDR2 voltage. With this board/ram combo I'm assuming I should be adding .4 volts? I believe the 'normal' DDR voltage for this is 1.8v?


Also, I'm getting a memory bandwidth of 5670 MB/s in Sandra 2007, does this seem correct for this chipset/ram? It seems that I was getting simillar bandwidth with my 4 year old computer. (when I do the performance index test in Sandra 2007 I get 11403 as an index, does that tell you anything further?)


I'm running the Q6600 processor on this board.


There is one more thing that is happening that seems like it could be related to memory. If I set the SLI RAM setting to OC 0%, the computer shuts down after a warm restart, rather than restarting. I have to wait like 10 seconds before the computer will post again. But if I disable the SLI RAM feature, this warm restart issue does not happen and of course the memory runs at 800Mhz rather than 1066. I've also tried to contact gigabyte as well as the OCZ, I was thinking it might be a PSU issue as well.



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After several tests it seems that something as simple as upping the DDR voltage in the BIOS to +.425 rather than just +.4 seemed to solve the restarting problem.


Do you suppose this could be because of a somewhat underspec'd power supply? Or just 'one of those things'?

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