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PC8500C5 + P5K Deluxe Wifi + e6850


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hey there, i have a ? for you and i hope you can help me.


ok im having lots of trouble understanding this, and apparantly people are to rude to just sit down and explain, or answer my question.


ok let me tell you what i have.


Mobo: P5K Deluxe WiFi (have not updated bios yet, waiting on processor)

Ram: Corsair Dominator PC2-8500c5


i know that i asked a ? before and ram guy said that i should put the timings of 5 5 5 15 2.2 voltage. sounds good and i can do that.


but the question is this. What if i want to get the new E6850 with 1333 fsb?


what do i need to change people are saying put in processor, and let everything go auto. if thats true, will it "slow" down my system?


what im asking is. do i need to change memory dividers and all.. what exactly am i supposed to change?

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